You Can Help: How-To Make and Donate Face Masks


Calling all makers and non-makers: Help protect others! Creativity NOT required!

We Want YOU … to make face masks!

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Doctors and hospitals across the country are in need of any protective supplies that can be donated. Here’s how you can answer the call.

We have been up to our eyeballs in quilting cotton and elastic these past few days finishing a recent batch of face masks and have compiled a few quick and easy tips along with a How-To video on DIY Face Masks. Take a look below for all the information you need to take part.

DIY Face Mask That ANYONE Can Make:

  • 9” x 22” section of fabric (8 sections can be cut from one yard of quilting cotton with No Waste!)
  • 2 – 6” strips of elastic (any color, any width from cord to 1/2”, whatever you can find!)
  • A ruler
  • A marking tool
  • An iron
  • A few pins (straight or safety)
  • Sewing machine OR a needle and thread


Follow-Along Instructions Below:

Follow along as we make a 4-layer, zero fabric waste cloth face mask.

*Please Note: Because we run an alterations shop we have access to a serging machine which finishes raw fabric edged HOWEVER you do not need one! Just fold the fabric edge backward and stitch down!

For information on what and where to donate; check out our recent donation to OSU Medical Center below:

Donations of any and all protective supplies can be brought to: OSU Medical Center located at 744 W 9th St. Tulsa, OK 74127

Thank you to our incredible healthcare professionals working tirelessly on the front lines! We appreciate you!

Tulsa Tailor Make Donate Facemasks 2