Vintage Restoration

Maybe you’ve found the perfect vintage dress in a local resale shop or maybe you’d love to replace the lining in your grandfather’s over coat, if restoration is necessary Tallgrass Tailor is here to help. With delicate consideration and careful work, buttonholes can be rebound, pockets patched, and torn linings replaced. Vintage and heirloom garments can be restored and renewed.

General Refurbishment

Many components of older clothing can be restored with thoughtful sewing. Loose or missing buttons can be replaced and even decorative stitching can be reset.

Detail Preservation

Original details and historic relics are some of the most enticing reasons to buy vintage pieces. We can often preserve many of the original tags and finishes to keep the garment authentic to its time.

Specific Tailored Details

Garments can be tailored to add specific details such as functioning surgeon’s cuffs, additional or lengthened pockets, and different closures such as new buttons and zippers.

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