Upholstery and Home Goods

Tallgrass Tailor specializes in creating a custom, tailored fit to make your clothing feel like they were made just for you.
From sport coats to wedding suits, the perfect fit can be crafted into any garment.

Custom Cushions and Pillows

Despite our name, we are happy to use our sewing machines for truly anything that needs to be sewn whether that is a window seat looking for a facelift or something a little more out of the ordinary!


You never know what you might need! This little guy showed up unexpectedly at a very cold time of the year but no task is too unusual! Why shouldn’t he get a nice warm tailored coat like everybody else? If you’re in need of a calf blanket, or anything else that an be sewn, contact us below and we’ll make it work!

Outdoor Furniture

Worn outdoor cushion replacements with plush new mildew resistant foam inserts and bright new fade-resistant coverings is just what you’re patio needs.

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