Tallgrass Tailor offers a huge variety of tailoring and clothing alteration services including men’s women’s and children’s alteration services, home good and upholstery services even restoration of vintage clothing. From pant hems to wedding dress beading, Tallgrass Tailor offers all the sewing services you need at every stage of your life.

Tulsa Mens Suit Tailoring | Tallgrass Tailor


Tailoring services available for men’s clothing cover button down collared shirts to T-shirts, jeans to suit pants and suit jackets to overcoats, We even alter athletic wear like cycling gear and gym shorts.

Collared shirts can be taken in both through the sides and sleeves as well as shortening the body of the shirt and shortening the sleeves. Even the collar can be tightened or loosened with simple shift of the button!

Jeans can be tapered in the legs and hemmed as well as adjusted in the waist as the jeans begin to stretch out. Suit pants can be adjusted in many ways by letting out or taking in the waist and seat tapering the pant leg and hemming or letting down to hem to lengthen. Suit jackets can also be altered in many ways by taking in or letting out the sides and back and shortening or lengthening the sleeves. Suit jacket can also be modernized by shortening the hemline or even narrowing the lapels. Specialty tailoring is also available such as adding functional buttonholes to the cuff or correcting the dreading ‘collar roll’ by moving extra fabric across the back into the collar for a smooth, sharp look!

High quality suit jackets and suit pants can live a long life if taken care of well and tailored the right way. Here at Tallgrass Tailor we will help you preserve brand new clothing or brand new hand-me downs from grandpa, either way you’re in good hands!

Tulsa Women's Clothing Alterations | Tallgrass Tailor


The variety in women’s fashion is endless and so is our ability to alter it! From dresses to jumpsuits even T-shirts and spandex can be altered for the perfect fit!

Alterations for dresses include: hemming, taking up straps taking in and letting out sides, adjusting shoulders and sleeves or even adding cups. Calling all Bridemaids! With out quick turnaround we’ll have you ready for that wedding in now time!

Have your jeans never fit quite right? Many women struggle to find the perfect jeans but what if you could make any pair of jeans your favorites this a few simple alterations? Tallgrass Tailor is here to give your curves the fit they deserve, tailoring your denim to your specific body from waist adjustments to tapering the legs and shortening the length for your height, we can make those jeans fit exactly the way you want!

Ill fitting athletic wear is the scourge of many women but that doesn’t mean that your Lululemon tights have to be 3 inches longer than the model wearing them in the picture. Let us make three-quarters length actually fit like three-quarter length for your body type, hitting just above the ankle, no matter your height. We are also happy to alter t-shirts, long sleeves tops, and other athletic wear to hug your body in all the right places while increasing its functionality so that you can get out there and move and live worry-free!

No matter what poorly fitting article of clothing you have, we can make corrections that will look like the clothing was made for you!

Tulsa Wedding Dress Alterations | Tallgrass Tailor


Our experience and knowledge of bridal alterations is very extensive, and we love meeting new brides every day in our shop. Every dress is unique so the more dresses we see the more we love altering them! We can take apart and put back together virtually any dress and we have.

Alterations for wedding dresses include hemming lace, tulle, silk, satin, lining, crepe, horsehair or any other wild, unique fabric type your dress is made of. We can also take up straps, refit shoulders, take in the bodice, waist, hips, and thighs, as well as let every area out. Tallgrass Tailor is experience and capable of alterations to bust, bodice, waist and hips with lace, beading, sequins or any other embellished material. Excited about having sleeves on your wedding dress? We can shorten and adjust sleeves with lace, buttons, or any other details. Is the dress just too big all around? Resetting zippers is not problem at all! How about adding beautiful details like buttons or appliqué from her grandmother’s dress? You name it, we can do it. How about bustles? Everyone has a bustle horror story but that won’t be you! Every dress requires a specific bustle depending on the size of the train and the fabric the dress is made of.

Our qualified tailors will show you different bustle options that are appropriate for your dress and allow you to choose which one you like best! No need to worry, we will show you how everything works before the big day so you or your maid of honor isn’t stuck lugging that train around all night! Finally, all accessories are welcome! We’re also happy to make adjustments to veils such as shortening the length or adding different combs or embellishments as well as attaching that perfect beaded belt right the your dress so it sits perfectly in place through out the night!


Just grabbed a killer find from Saks fifth Avenue circa 1960 at the local secondhand store that you love but it doesn’t fit? No problem at all we got our start in reinventing classic pieces by restoring damaged garments and making them look feel and fit like new while keeping their aged charm. We’d love to take a look at your newest classic and see how we can help! We can patch holes, placing new stitching to reinforce all seam and even cover tears and holes. We’re even known to replace full linings. Bring your specialty find to us and we’ll figure out how to breathe new life into it!

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