Open for Business: Welcome to Tallgrass Tailor!


After a whirlwind 2 years of getting Tallgrass Tailor off and running, we are now officially open for business in our new location! We are so incredibly excited to be showing off our fancy new digs in the bustling and beautiful neighborhood of Brookside!

From humble beginnings in the garage, we’ve expanded to a bright and spacious store front complete with an unbelievable back room where all the sewing magic happens (7 industrial machines and counting!)

So come on in and let’s start the tour!


Tulsa Tailor Open For Business 1


As you step into the shop you’re greeted by our custom built front counter, illustrating in the grain of the wood the texture of all things creative. You can also see out first dedicated cutting table; the perfect flat, clear space to bring all of your creative clothing dreams to life.

But, wait! How did we get here? Let’s rewind a few months….

Tulsa Tailor Open For Business 2


The beginning. A window destined to be filled by the words already written on it when we found the space: Alterations!

Tulsa Tailor Open For Business 3


When we first visited the space, our dry cleaner partner next door had a few sewing machines that had been sparingly used over the years by seamstresses that would come and help but no one crazy enough to start an independent business focused solely around tailoring and alterations. That’s where we came in!

Tulsa Tailor Open For Business 4


One of the coolest pre-existing pieces we inherited was our first denim sewing machine. This baby can move through any weight of heavy textile (including leather!) like butta! Sitting down at this machine makes us feel like we can truly sew ANYTHING!

Tulsa Tailor Open For Business 5


Ahhh the thread wall. Would you believe that this is barely half of it? Thread is what literally stitches this business together so we love to show ours off! If you’ve ever wondered if we’ll have just the right shade of dayglow orange to alter that sequined roller skating dress you just bought at a vintage resale shop from the 70’s….fear not. We definitely have that color.

Tulsa Tailor Open For Business 6


Let the cleaning begin! Though the back room had on-and-off use, the front room certainly didn’t. With great bones covered by a lot of dust, we new that with the right tools (i.e. water and a bucket) we’d get this place shaped up in no time!

Tulsa Tailor Open For Business 7


With some heavy mopping and individual blind blade cleaning complete, it was time to start moving everything in beginning with the iconic calling card of any alterations shop; our beloved dress form.

Tulsa Tailor Open For Business 8

Tulsa Tailor Open For Business 9


Its the little things! And for us, one not so little detail that we’re thrilled to show off is our dedicated fitting room. Spacious and comfortable enough for mom AND a stroller, we’ve tested it.

Tulsa Tailor Open For Business 10


We’ve loved highlighting all the natural colors showcased by our new space as our overall aesthetic and a few gorgeous green plants were just the right finishing touch. Watching them soaking up the natural sunlight streaming in through an entire front wall of windows is both peaceful and invigorating.

Tulsa Tailor Open For Business 11


And let’s not forget our mascot!! Sometimes greeter, sometimes consultant, sometimes therapist, this little girl is ready to help you get the perfect fit no matter what it takes (and that might include a few kisses)!

Tulsa Tailor Open For Business 12


There’s nothing quite like watching your logo get branded on the door. The permanence is the perfect reflection of how we feel; this community is our home and we are here to happily serve them!

Tulsa Tailor Open For Business 13


Yea it was all just champagne and giggles getting to this point…. Don’t be fooled, a look like this is usually only ever proceeded by a whole lot of blood, swear and tears and this one is no exception. We are so proud to be walking this path and can’t wait for you to walk into our shop and meet us on it.

Tulsa Tailor Open For Business 14


I’m pretty sure this calls for a celebration and I have definitely been holding on to this bottle for a minute.

Tulsa Tailor Open For Business 15


Like I said…. WE’RE OPEN FOR BUSINESS! So get over here already!!