Bridal Alterations

When every detail counts, Tallgrass Tailor is here to make your dream dress just right for your big day.
Bridal gowns, Bridesmaids’ dresses and Mother of the Bride outfits as well as Groom’s and Groomsmen attire can all be adjusted and tailored to each individual in your bridal party.

Gown Hemming and Fitting

Lace Applique Hem

The most common and essential needs for bridal gowns are exact length and perfect fit. Not too tight, not to loose, and not too long! You should feel glamorous and comfortable on your special day.

Hand Beading and Embellishments

Sequin and Feather Attachment

From pant hems to shirt cuffs, suiting and business attire can be tailored to accommodate clients perfectly.

Closures and Bustles

Bridal Buttons and Hooks and Eyes

The final touches can be the most important. Zippers, buttons, and hooks and eyes can all be added or removes to make the final fit adjustments. And as for the reception; the dancing can begin when the dress is safety bustled up!

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